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Wave 2

am back after an 8 year hiatus..with a surprise guest

Hello beloved minions.

Sinong namiss niyo???

Silence... ah ganun? 8 taon akong nawala wala man lang naghanap?

Heniway, life has been good. Nainlab, nasaktan, nag-aso!

So far, I've had 3 lovable and loving dogs: Cooper (RIP), Coco and Caleb.

To cut the long story short, I have some news. And boy, this is big. I have my FB open in one tab but have not been checking it because: WORK. Yeah I still work. I only noticed FB as I was about to shut down my PC to catch the earliest shuttle available. I saw a notif in my message. Someone is waving...
Drum rolls please...


Si Dax. WTF. The universe paused for a few seconds before gravity pulled me back. It is him. An hour after, I waved back. We exchanged pleasantries every 2 hours, reduced to an hour, to 30 mins to merely 5. Mostly one liner for me : Yup, Nope, Okay lang. Hooray for FB Messenger.

He was inviting me to the beach. DUH. Ano meron sa beach? In a split second, I was back to my old cynical self. Like we never lost touch. I was thinking what we'll do there considering we're no longer dating. Coffee or lunch is more appropriate under the circumstance. Instead, I invited him to a friend's birthday. Umeffort si koya manundo at maghatid considering we live 35.23 kilometers apart as per Waze. Then travelled another 53.74 kms going to our destination. Do the math. We caught up with each other's misadventures. They broke up after 7 years (I think) of being together. I didn't ask why. None of my effing business anyway. I know you miss our constant banter so here goes:

D: Di pako nakarecover sa pagkatalo ko sa pingpong
M: Grabe ka 2008 pa ata un
D: Kahit pa.
M: Mag move on ka na uy. Ako nga nakamove on na e. (Maharot... 3 poooooooints)

Poker face. Either he didn't get it (i doubt) or he has mastered the art of faking. It was fun. But I feel no spark.

5 hours later, my heart is full. I think subconsciously, I miss my friend and erstwhile lover lol.

Hanggang sa muli....

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Sufferin’ succotash

had a ball during my restdays

-17 °C

i was having a ball with my BFF (balahura friends forever) during my off. he picked me up at home (yes pick up girl nako ngayon) around 9 so i could watch his tune up game with his officemates. turned out there was no decent looking guys there.bummer!!! after the game, we ate lunch at a nearby canteen with 2 other teammates; giorgio and caloi. observing them strengthen my decision not to get hitched. giorgio, who IS married, was telling us how his supposed date with a new officemate turned pfffft kasi engot daw ung girl. "mali-mali" as he put it. he was even bragging how his wedding ring would manage to be left at his "hiding place" everytime he goes out (akalain mo, naiisip ng wedding ring na magpaiwan!). when he leaves he would ask his wife if she has seen the ring. tapos hihirit ng "ay nako malalate nako!" sabay alis, pero wag ka, nasa pocket lang naman pala niya. kaya paguwe, suot na si wedding ring. minsan pa daw nung nagaway sila, hinagis niya ung sing2 kasi nag-iinarte sha. nauwi ito sa hiwalayan. nung makipagbalikan sha, hiningi niya ulit ang singsing tutal naman daw sha nagbayad nun. i cant imagine how guys still living with their wives can pull a stunt like that i.e dating unsuspicious girls, flirting etc. he even has a son who uses his basketball shoes (the one he brought) as his storage for his matchbox collections. he took out around 4 cars (in one shoe) and 3 on the other. hankyut! looking at those cars, my mind wanders off to dreamland.

i'm crazy about kids and would like to have one (or a few) someday. a couple of years ago, while having drinks with my girls, we talked about getting sperm donors(SD) via natural reproduction (ano ko rich, di ko afford ang artificial insemination no). we set it to happen in 2 years time (2008). we listed names for possible SD. i could only name a few since i've lost in touch with my guy friends (the rest are gays hahaha). BAB was crossed out since he has a kid already and my first rule is my spawn should be a first for me and the SD. then i thought of POGI.yes the meek and humble pogi in my previous entry. he's fair (maganda kutis--tsek!), good in math (isang malaking tsek!!), tall (5'9.5" tsek!), thing is there nothing animalistic about him that can make me feign "temporary insanity". junior, the object of my unexplained hormonal affection (during that time), has fathered numerous children, too many he cant remember. besides, i wanted my kid to be somewhat fair kasi morena na ko, tapos dadagdagan ko pa ng kulay kape, kawawa naman ang bebi ko nun! not to mention the nose! ok lang kung kasing pango ko pero wag na lalapad pa sa ilong ko kasi ala na talagang future gumanda ang "tagapagmana" ng sangkatutak kong kalat. then my pardner sam (not her real name), suggested i try dax (oo si BFF). kasi feeling daw niya magaling. sabi ko ayoko ng magaling. gusto ko hindi baog!makes sense di ba. im not saying na baog sha ( i wouldnt know). so para malaman ko, tinext ko sha and told him the whole story. as usual, nagtawanan kami. lingid sa aking kaalaman, meron din shang kondisyon
na magpapractice kami at least twice a year! syempre jowk lang naman.kasi magkakabugbugan kami if ever. since he agreed, we've forgotten about it. it resurfaced after a year (last year).we were talking about it while having dinner, na binabawi ko na ang pact namin about the baby. kasi sabi ko
me:naisip ko na pag nag tooot! tayo makikita mo na katawan ko
dax: so?? tapos?...
me: e pag nagkita tayo ulit macoconcious nako. parang feeling ko vinaviolate mo ang rights ko to privacy.
dax: meaning?...
me: pag tiningnan moko parang wala na ko damit. e ngayon pa lang nakadress ako kung makatitig ka e. gusto mo pako piktyuran, ano to, day off?
dax: (laughing)

fast forward to july 10, 2008
ayan nalito nako. ano na nga events. hmmm ayun nga after eating, naiwan na kaming 2 kasi magmamalling pa kami. we opted to go to robinson's. nung nandun na, nauwe kami sa inuman, which was the original plan. nagikot2 muna kami until he received a text from a female friend, na naloka kasi akala niya gf ako, humirit pa naman si gago na " o san tayo punta?", nahiya na ang gurlash kasi nga naman nabuko (as if d ko alam) na nagtext sha. kakahiya sa magandang gf hahaha. napilit din shang sumama kasi d ko naman sha pinandilatan. nung nagCR ang gel, sinabi ni dax na panay ang tanong kung gf ako, sabi naman daw niya OO. ang kumag pinagmukha pa kong tanga. sinong matinong gf ang di maiirita kung may umaaligid sa dyowa niya? ang lola mo pa naman panay ang chika at nakikipagtawanan pa kay gel. pero dedma na kasi dumating ang gay na friendiva ng gel. at may i promise pa na babalik daw sha kasi pangako ni dax e magchechek in kaming 3 sa eurotel at dun na lang magiinom kasi may free na crispy pata pag nag stay ng 3 hours (akalain mong alam niya pati mga ganun). nagiisip na kami ng plano kung san maghahasik ng kamandag nung naisip namin na itext si sam. napadpad kami sa Land of the giants: Pandacan. dun sa pinsan ni dax na isa. para ganahan nga naman maghanda si pinsan, ang press release niya e may kasama shang mga dancer! (naknam!!!). ang daming lafesh dun. kaso walang kanin hahaha. at may free filmshowing pa (wink wink!)
nagkaalaman tuloy kung ilang karats ang family jewels ni dax shoked2.jpgwahahaha. pero i wont expound dahil baka mablock ang site ko. til next time, mga chefars!

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