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April 2019


"If you were able to believe in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 seconds. You've got this."

"Sleepless in Galvani". Nope, di yan name generator na pinapauso sa FB. Di din yan local adaptation ng movie ni Mareng Meg at Pareng Tom. That my friends, is the closing of my pseudo breakup letter to Dax. I cant' even remember what I wrote. Puro rubbish malamang, basing on my state of mind after a friend's party. I totally forgot about this until he reminded me recently.

D: Sleepless ka pa din ba?
M: Ha???
D: Sa Galvani.
M: ???
D: Yan ang closing ng sulat mo sakin.
M: Hahaha, nakalimutan ko na. Naalala ko pinabasa ko kay Stanly (my hunk of a housemate), di daw niya naintindihan. e wala nasend ko na hahaha
D: Hahaha

Bigla ako napaisip. Those were small details of the past I tried so hard to forget. Took me 3 years to get over that. Me and him. Kami na laging magkakampi kahit ano mangyari. Ang sakit, besh! Yung parang may hook na nasabit sa puso mo. MInsan habang nagtatype ako sa office, in between sobs (yes makapal mukha ko. wala akong paking humikbi sa harap ng monitor ko, habang katabi ko ang lady boss ko), feeling ko bigla ako magka aneurysm, pramis. Ganung level.

Mabalik tayo sa title. For those new to my blog, Dax is my BFF. "Is" kasi bati na kami, kahit di naman talaga kami nag away. We met one fine day (may ganun) sa UP (di ko na sabihin ang campus). I was a volleyball varsity and he was my best guy friend's teammate sa basketball. Back then, wala lang. di kami close. nagkikita lang kami pag Thursday sa inuman and every so often sa school gym kasi lagi ko pinapanood si Bab (my original bespren) sa practice. Imagine 17 palang magkakilala na kami. After college, di na kami nakita, until nasabi ni Pardner (my volleyball teammate) na nakita niya si Dax somewhere and they exchanged numbers. This was in 2002. Dahil nakainom na kami, hiningi ko number at ginago ko sha. Di pa kami close nito ha, sadyang gago lang ako talaga.

Me: Miss me?
Dax: Hus dis?
M: Someone from your past.
D: Hahaha (yan ang peborit niyang sagot kahit noon pa)
M: Tawa lang? Dali mo makalimot.
D: Hahaha

Me to Pardner, "ang boring naman nito kausap"

M: Sobrang dami ba kami?
D: Sino nga to? :)
M: (may smiley pa si gago. flirt mode on) Nakakahurt ka na.

Stopped texting him. Nagtext and nagkaalaman na na di naman niya ako ex.The rest is history.

We were friends for 8 years. Imagine, kung naging "productive" kami sa start pa lang, may 8 yr-old na kami ng 2010. But no. Platonic kami. At least on my part. Out of the blue, we dated. With no intention of dating. Naisip ko lang pano kung umabot ako ng 40, unmarried, virgin na wala jowa? Tapos siya, settled, masaya etc. Ayoko ng what ifs. Sobrang dami ko ng ganun. Not that I have regrets, wala, I swear. Masaya ako sa buhay ko. So ayun nga, we dated after 8 years of blissful friendship.

He was an excellent friend and, sabi ko nga "erstwhile lover". Pero dahil busilak at dalisay ako di ako bumigay. We dated for approximately 9 months, ng walang "tusukan". I know am weird. BUt he's used to it. Another thing I like about him. He is very patient, with my quirks and random bouts of insanity. Di po ako bipolar, baliw ako talaga lol. If you see how Dax looks like, maconfirm niyo ang kaweirduhan ko. He's not my type pero pasok naman sha sa lahat halos ng qualifiers: Tall, Moreno, Manly, Witty, Matalino, Athletic, at higit sa lahat, kasundo ko. DI ko lang sha napapansin kasi may iba akong tinitingnan.

Until one day, tinopak ako at nagawa ko nga ang Sleepless in Galvani letter. To cut the long story short, di kami nagusap ng 8 years. Di ako galit, sha di naman din.

Until narinig ko si LA Lopez " Ako ay nagbalik" lalalala

Ayun. Message mesage (see Wave 2 post).

Its been 2 days na d ko sha tinetext. And it has been the longest 2 days of my life (okay, exaggeration). Ang mantra ko now e 8 years. meaning 8 years kaya ko shang tiisin so kaya ko to. Wala lang feeling ko lang baka dahil complacent na sha kaya di na sha naglalandi hahahaha. kung kelan mukhang bet ko na ituloy ang history namin. bummer. Waiting game hmp. kanina pa ko di mapakali. ayoko naman mauna. bahala sha. I hate him anymore lol.

Opps tumunog phone ko. AHA! nagtext sha. I WON!


ktnxbye :D

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Wave 2

am back after an 8 year hiatus..with a surprise guest

Hello beloved minions.

Sinong namiss niyo???

Silence... ah ganun? 8 taon akong nawala wala man lang naghanap?

Heniway, life has been good. Nainlab, nasaktan, nag-aso!

So far, I've had 3 lovable and loving dogs: Cooper (RIP), Coco and Caleb.

To cut the long story short, I have some news. And boy, this is big. I have my FB open in one tab but have not been checking it because: WORK. Yeah I still work. I only noticed FB as I was about to shut down my PC to catch the earliest shuttle available. I saw a notif in my message. Someone is waving...
Drum rolls please...


Si Dax. WTF. The universe paused for a few seconds before gravity pulled me back. It is him. An hour after, I waved back. We exchanged pleasantries every 2 hours, reduced to an hour, to 30 mins to merely 5. Mostly one liner for me : Yup, Nope, Okay lang. Hooray for FB Messenger.

He was inviting me to the beach. DUH. Ano meron sa beach? In a split second, I was back to my old cynical self. Like we never lost touch. I was thinking what we'll do there considering we're no longer dating. Coffee or lunch is more appropriate under the circumstance. Instead, I invited him to a friend's birthday. Umeffort si koya manundo at maghatid considering we live 35.23 kilometers apart as per Waze. Then travelled another 53.74 kms going to our destination. Do the math. We caught up with each other's misadventures. They broke up after 7 years (I think) of being together. I didn't ask why. None of my effing business anyway. I know you miss our constant banter so here goes:

D: Di pako nakarecover sa pagkatalo ko sa pingpong
M: Grabe ka 2008 pa ata un
D: Kahit pa.
M: Mag move on ka na uy. Ako nga nakamove on na e. (Maharot... 3 poooooooints)

Poker face. Either he didn't get it (i doubt) or he has mastered the art of faking. It was fun. But I feel no spark.

5 hours later, my heart is full. I think subconsciously, I miss my friend and erstwhile lover lol.

Hanggang sa muli....

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Goodbye gown

dreading the fitting day for my brother's wedding

Hola! Have you ever had one of those days when you dread to look at yourself in the mirror and be reminded you need to diet? I do, all the time. I gained so much weight in the past 5 years I can't even fit my old bra. My back expanded like rubber bands and my arms looked like an elongated ciabatta. And it's only 6 mos away. My brother will wed his beloved in October. Lucky me. Not pressured to get married though despite everyone's expectation. But how will I fit a gown meant for Taylor Swift's body? lol But wait there's more. Buffy (aka Dax) asked me to go out of town with him in 2 weeks time. Yes 2 weeks. Imagine having to shed a loooot of pounds just so I would look decent in a swimsuit. Aaaargh. Hate it. And he keeps pestering me with pics and sending me texts insinuating I won't make it.

Dax: Goodbye dress, lamon ka pa
Me: 1 araw lang ako kumain ng madami hmp
D:Well, imaintian natin yan. Lol. Yang pagkain ng madami
M: Tse!
D: :p

Then today, he woke me up with this.


I hetchu! :(

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