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February 2010

ho hum


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me me me

im telling my imaginary kid something about myself...

while boring myself talking to customers who are either dumb or so sure of themselves (even if they dont know what internet explorer is but insist that they are tech-savy), i stumbled upon a blog about "things people dont know about you". just to have a twist, i decided to have a list for my unborn kid (no im not expecting. i'd love to, but im not pregnant...yet) assuming he/she would be born...

here goes:

1. i'm crazy about coketeabreak_coke.jpg and any chance i get, i'd drink coke instead of water. with that, a cigarette stuck between my index and middle finger cig.jpg.... that would be a heavenly day for me. i can consume 2-3L of coke a day and a pack and a half of cigarettes. only a miracle can stand between me and my bad vices...YOU! :)

2. i had my hair shaved twice GI-Jane-Demi-Moore_l.jpg. once in college, when sasa and mikhail convinced me that i would look like a model(???) if i opted for the "alternative" look. guess what, they were wrong! i look like an army reject. and tito utoy, then 4 years old, got the shock of his life when he saw me. he nearly cried. the last time was when i joined the navy, every one of us in our batch was bald so i didnt feel any different.

3. i used to play volleyball in college. and was at one time the team captain (woohoo).

4. i love to read. this started in college when pouchita brought some books, from her mom's stacks. even pogi and babsy started reading mills and boon novels. now, i find mystery and action-packed novels more engaging. i have a collection of books in every house/apartment/condo i stayed in. i could acquire 3 to 5 books in a week and read them as well, with comprehension :).

5. friends back in highschool calls me big ethel (in reference to the archie comics character). im tall, lanky, stick-thin with my hair tied with a scoongie (or whatever they call it) just above my forehead. all thru-out HS, i had my hair cut really short.

6. never had any "relationship" with the same sex considering i was enrolled in an exclusive school. a few "girls" tried to woo me, thinking i was into girls as well but it wasnt my thing back then (hell, even now!).

7. im crazy about aling nel's baked mac and choco chip brownies. any paulinian digs it. it's quite cheap but really yummy.

8. when mama realized i was in an extended "bum" mode, she urged me to join the navy as an athlete, unaware that i would be playing with former RP team members. i ended up as a water girl instead. i volunteered actually, instead of being hit in the face, or any part of my body for that matter. they were SEA Games champions during their time.

9. i had my first boyfriend when i was 25, but kissed 7 guys before him (unofficial playmates hehehe). his name is harvey and he was my batchmate in the navy.

10. i was a late bloomer. had my first kiss march 12, 1994.

11. was so effing drunk, i didnt care that someone else was in the room. didnt ask him if he saw anything hahaha.

12. i remained friends with most of my "exes/playmates". you should congratulate them for bearing with my crankiness.

13. i love to cook. you'll realize that when you grow up. or grow BIG for that matter.

14. i love the scent of fresh linen (not the downly-soaked ones) and the bathroom too, after someone took a bath.

15. i find men who wear white crew-neck shirts and PJs to bed, sexy! and when they smell of soap after taking a shower.

16. id go for sexy rather than handsome guys. but humour and IQ would get a STAR in my scorecard.

17. short guys are out of the question.

18. im a non-conformist. i rarely give in to peer pressure.

19. im a frustrated tennis player.. i tried playing tennis in college but was stupid not to enroll. i chose table tennis, swimming & taekwondo instead (for my PE 2).

20. had a blast with taekwondo. my teacher is ricky santiago, a former RP team player with 3-dans under his belt. and good looks to boot. i cant control my smile whenever he's around. thanks to him i have a yellow belt in the art. had my promotion with a bunch of pre-schoolers. i stuck out like a sore thumb. impressed with nanay now?hahaha

21. ive always wanted to be a plain housewife. since i was a kid, i was secretly hoping i'd come home after school with mama offering me with a glass of NIDO, just like they(moms) did in the commercials.

22. i wanted to be a pediatrician. im crazy about kids.....until tito utoy came along. he was a bratty one.i would like to wring his neck most of the time. i decided i'd take up journalism instead at UP Diliman. but that would mean living with relatives in Sikatuna. i prefer to go to LB instead and take up Human Ecology. sounds like it doesnt have math in its curriculum...again, im wrong!

23. i enjoyed college life so much i stayed in LB for 9 years hehehe. during my 1st semester, i dropped my biology and algebra class. took Math 33 (math 11 x3) and Bio 6 (bio 1 x 2, bio 2 x 2). i love dropping my classes. id rather sleep than dissect amphibians and insects, or have a nose bleed over the Venn diagram. i hope you'll never get that habit, both the dropping of subjects and mutilating living organisms.

24. of all my PhySci (Physical Science Bldg) subjects, i love Chemistry the most. i got a grade of 2.0. one take. so proud of myself. you'll understand why if you study in UP and if you inherited my mathematical prowess.

25. i'm always itching to buy a new notebook. wrap it in a cool wrapper or cover it with newspaper so it would look different.then id write how the day went. heck, i could write my week's journey, then eventually forget i have a diary.

26. i was never gifted with "gaming" skills. the skills needed to play PSP, DOTA, xbox. or maybe im just not interested. back when nintendo and atari were the craze in town, i never had any urge to ask mama to buy me one. i guess i easily lost interest when it comes to that. i prefer sports or street games like tumbang preso tumbang-preso.jpg, shato (a game where you hit a stick with a longer one. the goal is to hit the stick as hard and as far as you can and measure the length using the longer stick) and my personal peborit, sipa! sipa.jpg many summers ago, our tandem (sheila and nanay) would draw boys from different phases, mostly school busmates, just to play with us.and boy, we are good!sheila with her dependable kaypee and me with my dunlop shoes, could send the washers (we use tingga back then) into outer space.kidding! only a block away; like from ate mai's house to the penaranda's down the street. that would be 4-5 houses away. sometimes it be stuck on aling lucy's roof :(.

27. im a fag-hag. go figure! love_gay.jpg

28. i read harry potter 3 & 4 via palm pilot.a gift from tita romie.

29. romie is my sugar momma. she showers me with gifts i wouldn't even think of buying (except for the paul smith wallet). wallet.jpg watches, branded shoes, bags etc. name it, she has already given me those.

30. i'm always excited to buy shower soap. even the local ones. i cant wait to use them.same thing with ballpens. im always excited to write with my new pen. mostly gibberish!hahaha

31. im a laid back person, bordering on paraplegia hehehe. i used to be hyper in my younger days. but lately, id rather stay at home and wait for my legs to numb while staring at my monitor.

32. i weaned myself from music boxes and stuff toys when i started college. i had with me my fisher price music box (i had it when i was 4 yo) and tiger (it doesnt have a name really, but it's a tiger). the fisher price toy plays "it's a small world" while tiger plays "brahm's lullaby". the first time i got drunk, they cant make me sleep until i can get my hands on my "stuff". hopefully, you wont get that habit, esp if you're a boy.

33. i cant sleep without a "dantayan" and a blanket. ill toss and turn if that'll happen. and i prefer lights out when i sleep at night.

34. i'm a spa/massage addict. if possible, i'd have it 3x a week. i did that once, when i was on leave for a week.

35. i normally doze off right after i turn off the alarm. that varies from 10 mins to 10 hours hahaha. comatose mode ang tawag dun at malamang AWOL ako sa work pag nagkaganun.

36. im not a sweet person so dont expect any sugar-coated comments from me. you won't be babied. i'll treat you the same way i treat my friends. be warned! wahaha

37. ive always criticized tagalog movies but im a sucker for bea-john lloyd tandem jlc_bea.jpg. and star cinema-produced movies as well. normally, i enjoy mystery, action, anything with a twisted plot. never liked movies concerning aliens or sci-fi flicks.

38. i have been living away from home since college. i've stayed at diff dorms/apartment since then. UPLB Women's dorm womens_dorm.jpg Catalan compound, Bose dorm, White House, Raymundo st., Palm Tower Condo palm_tower.jpg and eventually the Baler Mansion.

39. when i was 4, i stuck a champoy seed up my nostril (the right one). mama had to bring me to a specialist and had them do a minor operation on my nose. unfortunately, it didnt reduce the size of my nose.

40. im more comfortable with guys than i am with girls. i wont take crap from any girl, or guys even. hence, i got more gay friends hehehe

41. i have very limited threshold for pain. i can mutilate myself in many ways but i cant imagine how painful it is to have sex. ergo, im stll a virgin. sad to say i havent met your tatay.hopefully i can update this blog with his "codename".

42. im northpawed but i use my left foot to play sipa. if i get famous, they can make me a movie "maharot's left foot"

43. i dont eat "taba" kahit sa barbeque. i could only ingest it if it's very soft (like boiled, as in sinigang) and only in small portions. but i can consume a pack of chicharon (with laman--LAPID'S) in one sitting.

44. i was never tech savy.i can troubleshoot but would have a hard time explaining what needs to be done and why.

45. i was never a fashionista. my wardrobe is limited to the classics. i love basic colors, lately i have black blouses to hide my figure coz im chunky all-over hahahaha.

46. im a jeans person.

47. i'm very comfortable with sandals. open-toed preferably. brown_20sandals.jpg

48. i rarely snore but i grind my teeth when i sleep...

49. i fell from a 15 ft pole when i had undergone an anti-terrorist training. good thing, nothing was damaged. i hope...

50. i rarely wear make-up. just lipstick and pressed powder.

51. it takes me 5-10 minutes to take a bath. 20-25 to use the c.r.

52. i started ovulating when i was 14 yrs old, so i have to have you before i turn 44 (??)

53. i can read a whole book in one sitting.

54. i dont handle stress well so i try to stay away from complicated situations.

55. but i can complicate a math problem in a thousand and one ways.

56. i was introduced to finger math, that's multiplying using your fingers, a few months ago.

57. i like to design my own library (sa bahay lang naman). a fine bookshelf will do for my books.

58. if i had my way, i'd always be barefoot. i prefer comfy shoes over stylish ones.

59. im not very fond of rubber shoes.

60. i liken the gym to birthdays/anniversaries...... they only happen once a year hahaha

61. i can eat even if i still feel full. im an orally fixated individual.

62. i require small frequent feeding. im an oversized baby. who wants to have one hehehe.

63. i prefer the stress-free, boring over the exciting stressfull life.

64. when i was a kid, i can swim back and forth (a 15-m pool) without getting air. so many things have changed. now, i can swim without water, when i get drunk!

65. back in college, i can do a series of somersaults when im on a liquor binge!

66. i didnt undergo basic military training when i joined the navy.

67. im special...they call it special enlistment.you get your serial number before you undergo training and will get paid as a regular enlisted personnel.

68. only athletes and SWAG (our US NAVY SEALS counterpart) are allowed to do that.

69. was supposed to take airborne class but was (still am) afraid of heights.

70. i prefer sour and salty to anything sweet. kaya nga ako mahilig sa champoy, kiamoy, kikiam (yung orig ha) at lahat ng maalat na maasim...eeew!hahaha

71. kaya naimbento ko din ang famous adolat (adobong maalat!)

72. my favorite action movie is the usual suspects, pero bihira ko shang panoorin. pero lagi kong binibida sa ibang tao na iwatch nila.

73. there was a time that i got addicted to korean movies. yung mga love stories na laging may binubuhat na babae sa likod. trademark na ata nila yun. i have 2 favorites: my sassy girl and a moment to remember--parang drama version ng 50 first dates.

74. i prefer old movies (80s, 90s) over the new ones. except for the mystery/action genre.

75. i go gaga over romantic men. kahit di ako ang winu-woo nila. i remember feeling nostalgic over bumbay's video for his wife. how sweet!and he does that every now and then.

76. i wanted to be a duck when i was 4 years old.dont ask why. rubber_ducks.jpg

77. i just love sampalok!any variant will do.

78. i nearly crashed my cousin's vehicle while talking to my ex (we weren't an item that time), i got so excited i began swerving towards the wrong lane.

79. i wanted to be a member of the jollibee crew back in college (incidentally, the barangay/town is called COLLEGE ergo, college, laguna).i like the idea of being a working student. i got that wish (not the jollibee crew). i was in the navy when i decided to study again.took up BS Business Administration.

80. im a frustrated singer. rockstar more like it. ive been struggling to learn to play the guitar but has no time to enroll. and besides it's too expensive.

81. i sometimes daydream that im performing in a concert.. with people shouting "more".

82. i prefer acoustic songs.

83. im not very fond of musicals. but i love "chicago" chicago.jpg

84. i can speak ilonggo when im drunk ( i havent had any practice though). and a little cebuano.very little...

85. im crazy about hugh jackman, gerard butler, clive owen, ananda everingham and alexander skarsgard. in that order.but im confused over who comes first--clive or gerard.

86. my baon in gradeschool is Php 1.00. (imagine mo kung ano mabibili dun, kulang pa pang-yosi!tutal di pa naman ako nagyoyosi noon hehehe)

87. my shoe size is 9.5.

88. never liked techno music.

89. the only song i can play is "all i want is you" by U2 (acoustic guitar)

90. i love chinese cuisine.

91. i prefer shrimp over crabs.

92. im allergic to extreme weather conditions. i get allergies when it's either too hot or too cold.

93. i contacted chicken pox when i was already 27 years old.

94. never had mumps nor measles.

95. im a lolo's girl :(

96. given a chance, id love to try surfing.

97. im hoping to find a sperm donor this year. and plan to have you.......with or without their consent hahaha

98. im planning to name you ah...hmmm... basta 5 letters ang maximum hehehe. ayoko ng junior. malamang kapangalan ka ng isang friend ko.ke girl ka o boy.

99. i love androgynous names...

100. id like to be inlove again...ang tanong kanino???

101. i cant wait to see you *wink*

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