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ECQ Day 47. Bored as fuck and nothing to do. This is a work of fiction

In an alternate universe, we lay next to each other. You, sleeping like a log, and me, observing your breathing patterns. Had it t been 18 years when we decided to exchange I dos in front of all the people who mattered? 18 years of bliss, struggles and challenges. 18 years of combating the urge to part ways and never look back, if it hadn't been for the kids. Ah, yes, kids. In that universe, we have 5. A set of twins and 3 spawns of Satan that make our world chaotic, yet fulfilling. In the same universe, we are living in a posh village, East of Manila, in a big house with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilet and bath. Something that would have come from the pages of Better Homes, or featured in Fixer Upper, after Chip and Joanna did their magic. After all these years, your voice still soothes my inner core. It makes me feel safe and free of any insecurities. Your warmth makes me feel like I am the luckiest. You loved me, despite all my imperfections. Your love has always been my rock. You make me feel things I never thought I will be capable of feeling. Weird, I know, but that's how it is. You fill a void, that's always been there. Present but insignificant. All because you complete me.

In another universe, we lay awake in separate beds, and different houses. We've mastered the art of deception, just so that we won't give in. The temptation has always been strong. The tension that has been building up for weeks, months, years even, is slowly engulfing our defiance to gravitate towards each other. This is wrong, we both thought. We wanted to stay away from each other, to protect those we love. Or is it loved? It's as if all the memories we built with others melted the moment we felt that spark. Like a force that flouts all our moral values. We would then spend the rest of our lives evading our fate. Resisting, and dying a little every time our paths would cross. Tough love.

There are many possibilities. But in our reality, we are struggling to decipher how we feel about each other. is the risk worth taking just so we'd end up in the first universe. No one really knows. We are consumed by that fear of losing each other, but in the process, we lose ourselves. How many minutes will we waste? How many chances will we miss? We live each day as we drown in the sea of words we don't want to say.

====== the End=======

Posted by maharot 11:25

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