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Wave 2

am back after an 8 year hiatus..with a surprise guest

Hello beloved minions.

Sinong namiss niyo???

Silence... ah ganun? 8 taon akong nawala wala man lang naghanap?

Heniway, life has been good. Nainlab, nasaktan, nag-aso!

So far, I've had 3 lovable and loving dogs: Cooper (RIP), Coco and Caleb.

To cut the long story short, I have some news. And boy, this is big. I have my FB open in one tab but have not been checking it because: WORK. Yeah I still work. I only noticed FB as I was about to shut down my PC to catch the earliest shuttle available. I saw a notif in my message. Someone is waving...
Drum rolls please...


Si Dax. WTF. The universe paused for a few seconds before gravity pulled me back. It is him. An hour after, I waved back. We exchanged pleasantries every 2 hours, reduced to an hour, to 30 mins to merely 5. Mostly one liner for me : Yup, Nope, Okay lang. Hooray for FB Messenger.

He was inviting me to the beach. DUH. Ano meron sa beach? In a split second, I was back to my old cynical self. Like we never lost touch. I was thinking what we'll do there considering we're no longer dating. Coffee or lunch is more appropriate under the circumstance. Instead, I invited him to a friend's birthday. Umeffort si koya manundo at maghatid considering we live 35.23 kilometers apart as per Waze. Then travelled another 53.74 kms going to our destination. Do the math. We caught up with each other's misadventures. They broke up after 7 years (I think) of being together. I didn't ask why. None of my effing business anyway. I know you miss our constant banter so here goes:

D: Di pako nakarecover sa pagkatalo ko sa pingpong
M: Grabe ka 2008 pa ata un
D: Kahit pa.
M: Mag move on ka na uy. Ako nga nakamove on na e. (Maharot... 3 poooooooints)

Poker face. Either he didn't get it (i doubt) or he has mastered the art of faking. It was fun. But I feel no spark.

5 hours later, my heart is full. I think subconsciously, I miss my friend and erstwhile lover lol.

Hanggang sa muli....

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